PlantStressLab - Ivan Visentin

Research Associate (RTDB), Plant Physiology

Expertise in molecular plant physiology, his researches focus on the interaction between strigolactones (SLs), abscisic acid (ABA) and some microRNAs under drought conditions in tomato and Arabidopsis plants. In particular recently, his research has been investigating the role played by mir156 and the SLs under recurring water stress conditions in tomato. He is also involved in the management of StrigoLab, an academic spin-off focused on the production and developing of synthetic SL-related molecules and of SL-enriched biostimulants (

Recent publications

F. Cardinale, P. Korwin Krukowski, A. Schubert, I. Visentin (2018) Strigolactones: mediators of osmotic stress responses with a potential for agrochemical manipulation of crop resilience. J Exp Bot 69(9): 2291-2303
M. Ferrero, C. Pagliarani, O. Novák, A. Ferrandino, F. Cardinale, I. Visentin, A. Schubert (2018) Exogenous strigolactone interacts with abscisic acid-mediated accumulation of anthocyanins in grapevine berries. J Exp Bot 69(9): 2391-2401
E. Sanchez, E. Artuso, C. Lombard, I. Visentin, B. Lace, W. Saeed, M. Lolli, P. Kobauri, Z. Ali, F. Spyrakis, P. Cubas, F. Cardinale, C. Prandi (2018) Structure-activity relationships of strigolactones via a novel, quantitative in planta bioassay. J Exp Bot 69(9): 2333-2343
I. Visentin, M. Vitali, M. Ferrero, Y. Zhang, C. Ruyter-Spira, O.Novák, M. Strnad, C. Lovisolo, A. Schubert, F. Cardinale (2016) Low levels of strigolactones in roots as a component of the systemic signal of drought stress in tomato. New Phytol 212(4): 954-963