Innovative concepts and technologies for ECOlogically sustainable NUTRIent management in agriculture aiming to prevent, mitigate and eliminate pollution in soils, water and air

Geographic coverage of ECONUTRI. The ECONUTRI consortium (30 partners, 13 countries) is geographically balanced within Europe as it includes partners from 10 EU and 2 associated European countries. Furthermore, ECONUTRI also includes 6 partners from China. The ECONUTRI partners are uniformly distributed between North and South, West and East Europe, thereby covering all variations in pedoclimatic conditions and cropping types across Europe.

Horizon Europe ECONUTRI has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Innovation Actions programme under grant agreement no. 101081858. It started November 1, 2022 and will end April 30, 2026.

The general objective of ECONUTRI is to optimize, validate, and demonstrate nature-based novel solutions adapted into a holistic concept, which contribute to reduction of N and P leaching, control of N losses through ammonia volatilization, and mitigation of GHG emissions originating from the agricultural sector, including both plant and animal production.

To achieve this objective, ECONUTRI aims further to disseminate and scale up the application of these novel technologies, and support EU farmers and scientists through training and education to implement nature based nutrient management tools that would improve air, soil and water quality in Europe and China, and contribute to mitigation of global climate change. Our research group at PlantStressLab is mainly involved in testing the efficacy of strigolactone-like molecules as primers of abiotic stress tolerance, with the main aim to improve nutrient use efficiency in tomato. For more info, visit