News and Events


October 2019 - On October 1st, 2019, the PRIMA VEG-ADAPT project, led by Professor Schubert, started. It will devise and test tools to improve adaptation of tomato, pepper, and melon to climate change-induced stresses. The kick-off meeting took place on October 23-24 October in Turin.
March 2020 - A paper from PlantStressLab was just published in PCE . miR156 controls plant phase change and stress resilience bu factors controlling its abundance are little known. The paper shed light on a role of strigolactones in controlling miR156 abundance under osmotic stress.
September 2020 - The TOMRES project, coordinated by PlantStressLçab, organised in 2020 an online Summer School in collaboration with the Italian Society of Plant Biology. The Summers School entitled "Stress resilience in plants: from molecules to fields" took place on 8-10 September, 2020. It was attended by 21 PhD students and young post-docs and featured 11 talks by international senior scientists, students presentations, and online social life!
December 2020 - The H2020 project RADIANT, in which PlantStressLab participates, passed the stage 2 selection and will get started soon.
January 2021 - Exciting PlantStressLab research published in New Phytologist. Micro-CT analysis performed at the Synchrotron Centre in Trieste provides new views of the dynamics and causes of xylem embolisation in poplar.
March 2021 - PlantStressLab contributed to the organisation of two scientific workshops of the TOMRES project, presenting the many ideas that are inspiring the project, and an outlook on the novel tools developed within the project for increasing resilience to combined drought and nutritional stress in tomato