News and Events


December 2024: our new collaborator and MSCA fellow dr. Silvia Gianoglio will start within our group. 

October 2023: Diana Davydenko from UA, Shuo Liang and Ruihan Shen from CN joined the group for their PhD.

July 2023: dr. Nihan Sahin joined us for a two-year post-doc position

April 2022 - Transcriptomic and promoter analysis performed in PlantStressLab reveal a role for BES1 in transducing the SL signal  under drought stress in tomato - see article by Paolo Korwin et al in Plant Cell Physiology 

October 2022 - Our invited review for Plant, Cell. and Environment is out - we discuss recent developments in strigolactone science and its links with environmental stress, including some of our latest results on the role of these hormones in drought tolerance in crop plants

February 2022 - Preparing for the worse,  if time allows -- In this paper by Cristina Morabito et al  we show that fast stress induced fast stomatal closure and ABA surge while progressive stress induces slow stomatal closure and ABA surge but also primes xylem for embolism recovery, allowing grapevines to be ready to withstand long drought

September 2021 - The PlantStresssLab team at the Turin Researchers Night 2021, showcasing recent projects and demonstrating plant science to an excited public!

October 2021 - PlantStressLab has set up two infographic panels that are exposed open airfor two weeks  in the city of Genova within the "Too Hot To Eat" event organized by the University of Turin. The infographics address respectively "Biostimulants: new allies for future agriuculture" and "Biodiversity helps vegetables grow in hot and arid climates", describing by augmente reality research performed in the BIOSUVEG and VEG-ADAPT projects where PlantStressLab is partner

May 2021 - With this study by Cristina Morabito et al we improve the characterization of the TPS (Trehalose Phosphate Synthase) gene family in grapevine and show that type-1 TPS (biosynthetic) genes are up-regulated upon drought stress

March 2021 - PlantStressLab contributed to the organisation of two scientific workshops of the  TOMRES project, presenting the many ideas  that are inspiring the project, and an outlook on the novel tools developed within the project for increasing resilience to combined drought and nutritional stress in tomato

January 2021 - Exciting PlantStressLab research published  in New Phytologist by Francesca Secchi et al. Micro-CT analysis performed at the Synchrotron Centre in Trieste provides new views of the dynamics and causes of xylem embolisation in poplar.

September 2020 - The TOMRES project, coordinated  by PlantStressLçab,   organised an online Summer School in collaboration with the Italian Society of Plant Biology. The Summers School entitled  "Stress resilience in plants:  from molecules to fields" took place on 8-10  September, 2020. It was attended by 21 PhD students and young post-docs and featured 11 talks by international senior scientists, students presentations, and online social life!