PlantStressLab - Projects

Research projects

  • CARBOSTRESS: The allocation of carbon during drought in grapevine: a key event in plant defense strategies

  • INTEFLAVI: An integrated approach to the control of flavescence dorée in grapevine

  • MITIWOOD: Holistic understanding of xylem recovery from water stress to mitigate future climate impact on woody plants

  • H2020 RADIANT: just approved

  • STRItools: Smart molecular tools from the plant hormones strigolactones to improve crop yields

  • H2020 TOMRES: A novel and integrated approach to increase multiple and combined stress tolerance in plants using tomato as a model

  • Understanding xylem refilling: molecular and physiological perspectives

  • PRIMA VEG-ADAPT Adapting mediterranean vegetable crops to climate change-induced multiple stress