We are a dynamic and motivated research team operating within the Department of Agricultural, Forestry, and Food Sciences at the University of Turin. Our focus is to unravel biological process of stress adaptation in crop plants. We have an open science attitude and we foster collaboration with other groups. We are keen to generate new knowledge, to transfer it to young students and researchers, and to contribute to novel solutions for agriculture and the environment.

Andrea Schubert, Professor, Group Leader
Claudio Lovisolo, Professor
Francesca Cardinale, Associate Professor
Francesca Secchi, Associate Professor
Ivan Visentin, Research Associate
Daniela Minerdi, Lab Technician
Giulia Russo, Post Doc
Francesco Gresta, Post Doc
Chiara Agliassa, Post Doc
Cristina Morabito, PhD student
Paolo Korwin, PhD student
Davide Patono, PhD student